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Frequently Asked Questions

Photofetcher is an app that automatically and accurately selects your best smartphone photos for printing, preserving, archiving or organizing
Photofetcher is a personalized photo assistant. The best photos are the ones that Photofetcher predicts you would select as print worthy or keepers from a larger set of options.

The app learns to recognize what you personally appreciate and prefer in the photos you take and keep including your favorite people, common places, preferred moods, and best lighting. Then, Photofetcher automatically selects your best, most meaningful photos and sets them aside for:

  • your review as a set of recommended photos in a gallery. Follow up actions include photo library clean up or transfer
  • automated printing services, e.g. quarterly photo print books
  • secure digital or hardcopy archiving

The app can select the best photos from your current photo library/photo cloud once or select the best recent photos on a recurring schedule you set, e.g. every month.

To help you understand the Photofetcher photo selection process, the system generates plain English comments for each photo to explain it’s predictions.
The app set up process includes a short 2-minute image survey where you train the system to see photos from your perspective. Also, the system learns about your photography preferences and habits through the best data there is, the photos you take. Each photo evaluated adds to the Photofetcher understanding of the individual photographer.
Yes! Photofetcher is powered by a smart computer vision system that is able to detect and describe the aesthetic and compositional properties of a photograph. This aesthetics system works together with the personal photo training you provide to make each Photofetcher “best of” selection personalized to the perspectives and preferences of the user.
Photofetcher uses the utmost care and state of the art digital security to ensure your photos are only seen by you, are never shared or accessed by outside parties and are always copied securely from your device (when applicable) to achieve your designated purpose. More on the security and terms can be found at the Photofetcher Terms and Conditions (create link).
Yes. The system will learn from and evaluate any photo in your photo library or collection.
Any orders will be recorded in the My Account section of the Photofetcher website and in app as appropriate. Tracking information will be provided for each order as appropriate.
Yes, previous orders can be reordered if the photo is still on the user’s device. Full print size photos are not kept by Photofetcher after jobs are fulfilled.
Each photo can be scanned or selected in the past job section of My Account as a Re-Fetch. Each Re-Fetch credits the user account for one photo that can be manually ordered or will be auto added to the next print job.

Absolutely. Each Photofetcher evaluation session produces a set of recommended photos as an online or in-app gallery. Photos can be selected in batch or individually and prints ordered a la carte to be sent to anyone you choose.

The Photofetcher family of offerings can be used with recent iOS and Android devices. There is also a cloud to cloud option that can be set up and used directly with your photo cloud archives.

Photofetcher gathers the same personal profile info that any online business collects in terms of name, address, etc. We do not share or sell that information without your express permission.

The app infers information about your visual perspectives, subject matter preferences and personal aesthetic but doesn’t store that information in a format that can be accessed like traditional data. Instead, the information inferred from your photos and survey help shape and influence what the system predicts when evaluating new photos.

Photofetcher can work with a variety of printing services and images are captured from the device at high resolutions to enable printing on the highest quality photo papers.
From app set up to photo freedom takes users around 5 minutes! Photofetcher does all the work. As a user, you just sign up, set up the app for 2-3 minutes and then wait for an “I’m done fetching!” notification on your preferred device.

That depends. Photofetcher autonomously evaluates all the photos in a user’s device library or cloud. Photofetcher will alert the user when photo analysis is complete, and the results are ready for review. If automated services, like photo book printing, are part of the user service plan, the app will notify the user and wait for a pre-set amount of time for the user to review evaluation results before triggering any automated process or service.

The actual time needed to evaluate depends on the number of photos. On a device with a high-speed internet connection; the photo evaluation, curation/selection, and A.I. commentary processes for 10,000 photos will take on average 4-5 hours.

Photofetcher A.I. operates in a secure, encrypted cloud and uses only the utmost care when storing and transferring your digital photo files.
Photofetcher services can be purchased in a variety of one-time photo collection evaluations, recurring subscriptions and mixed packages.
If canceled, your photos remain right where you have them on your devices and in your clouds. All thumbnails and other photo artifacts associated with a user account are deleted by Photofetcher when the user cancels.