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Photo Assistant is a personalized photo analytics desktop application, powered by IMAIGE AI, that automates image analysis for quality and meaningfulness within the collection, creates rich subject matter labeling, organizes photos by subjects and life events, and suggests which photos and duplicates should be eliminated. 

We are happy to help you license any of our services or apps by emailing sales@imaige.com or by calling 619.212.0244. Please call today to start your journey with personalized photo AI.

Yes, private API access is available as well as custom APIs. Contact sales@imaige.com for API key and license details.

Photo Assistant is powered by personalized artificial intelligence that learns to look at images from the subjective visual perspective of the system user and identify objective qualities of each image that it analyzes. After learning about the visual perspectives expressed in a photo collection, Photo Assistant can accurately label, sort, and curate photos much like the user, who took them or collected them, would if they had the time.

The cost per image is only a fraction of a cent and is based on total annual volume. All costs are based on images analyzed in 100k 1M image blocks with two options 1) pay as you go or 2) a subscription-based for users who need higher volumes.

Photo Assistant and IMAIGE API powered experiences can export natively to Adobe Lightroom Catalog files. IMAIGE data and personalized albums can then be imported into any system that works with Lightroom Catalogs.

  1. Photo Assistant and other IMAIGE AI personalized photo management products create an array of albums based around known and common life events, chronologically sorted albums that give a retrospective overview of the photo collection, a premium data rating on each photo that predicts its overall meaningfulness in the collection and a set of declutter albums that gather any and all photos that the user might want to clean out or separate from the best photos. These outputs include:
    1. Dozens of data analytics per photo and collection.
    2. Personalized Albums including best 10% overall, best of last calendar year, best off all years, best of Weddings, Fun Photos! and many others.
    3. Tidy Up albums including Worst 10%, non-personal photos and similar comparison albums. 

Photo Assistant uses state of the art objective evidence in its learning like object detection that can identify trees and oceans and footballs. Photo assistant also uses subjective evidence that predicts how an individual person would perceive an image and its qualities.

Users can always customize the results of any IMAIGE analysis to their liking. Personalized albums can be added to and have photos removed by simple actions in the user interface.

The AI results are accurate for most people in the 85% to 95% range. This means there will be photos that the AI missed that should be in your automated best collections, and photos that aren’t your best or most meaningful that get into the final suggested albums. Conversely, there are always a few of your favorite photos in the suggested Tidy Up albums. Our systems are not intended to be replacements for humans but rather do most of the photos management work for a person before a human completes QA and finishes whatever task the photos are being prepared or analyzed for in the system.

Photo Assistant gathers personal profile info like name, address, etc. but only to service your account. The app infers information about your visual perspectives, subject matter preferences and personal aesthetic but doesn’t store that information in a format that can be accessed like traditional data. Instead, the information inferred from your photos and survey help shape and influence what the system predicts when evaluating new photos. At IMAIGE, your data privacy and personal information is of utmost concern, and our top priority. Our mission is to connect people to their most meaningful content, and a huge part of that is keeping it secure and safe, Imaige that does not collect or sell personal information for any purpose except providing your services.

You can always log into your Photo Assistant or other IMAIGE applications and Delete Account. This will delete all data associated with your account including personal information and, of course, your photos. If you need help or have any concerns about your data please contact us at: yourdata@imaige.com

Photo Assistant, and other IMAIGE systems, work exclusively with thumbnail copies of photographs, so that the original images are never altered or disturbed without explicit action from a user themselves. IMAIGE AI uses computer vision, and other machine learning techniques to analyze photos for aesthetics, composition, subject matter and other photographic standards to determine if the photograph is of high-quality, and the potential meaningfulness to the collection as a whole. If you have any questions or concerns about data policies or your data, please contact us at yourdata@imaige.com.

Photo Assistant and other IMAIGE AI systems do not delete photos, but do gather photos into suggested delete albums that can quickly be removed from a collection by the user in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

When analyzing large batches of photos, completion time will vary depending on the number of factors, including Internet, connection, network, traffic, and your license type. As a baseline, Photo Assistant processes on average 8,000 to 10,000 photos per hour per AI instance. For more detailed scenario information, please contact us at sales@image.com.

Photo Assistant is a desktop only experience but IMAIGE also supports mobile and web AI powered experiences through its platform, API and consumer focused experiences like Photofetcher.

Photo Assistant is a desktop only experience but IMAIGE also supports mobile and web AI powered experiences through its platform, API and consumer focused experiences like Photofetcher.

Yes, analysis and photo organizing collections can be exported from Photo Assistant into Adobe Lightroom classic.

If using Photo Assistant Cloud, yes, but we also offer onsite appliances that do not require online access.

Yes. You are always able to add or remove photos from the albums in which they were sorted. The AI learns your preferences when you make adjustments and applies that learning to future image analysis.

JPEG, HEIC, TIFF, PNG (RAW, CR2 and other file support coming Q2 2023)

Photo culling involves organizing or sorting a collection of images or photographs, with the primary aim of separating the top-quality photos from the low-quality ones. Photo culling seeks to eliminate duplicates, remove unclear or badly taken photos, arrange photos in desired folders and ultimately save time.

Original photos are not altered, copied, or transferred. Our process uses safe and secure technology leveraging the best industry practices for online security and uses images for analysis purposes only. No copies are duplicated and stored.

Yes. Our technology was designed from the ground up to be modular and flexible. Contact us for more information.

If you cannot login, first try to reset your Password. If that doesn’t work, contact IMAIGE support at support@imaige.com


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Dr. Hairong Qi, AI Community Advisor



Dr. Hairong Qi is currently the Gonzalez Family Professor with the Min H. Kao Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Dr. Qi’s research in imaging, computer vision and machine learning is supported by the National Science Foundation and NASA among others.

James Mone, Chief Operating Officer

James Mone

Chief Operating Officer

James Mone serves as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining IMAIGE, Inc. in 2020, he was Head of Product at Neuralify, focused on enterprise enablement in the Machine Learning and Automation space. James has held leadership positions at KPMG, Cynergy, and UCLA. James resides in Portland, OR and enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and two daughters.
Justin Williams, Chief AI Officer

Justin Williams

Chief AI Officer

Justin Williams serves as the Senior VP of AI. Previously he led innovative technology solution teams for Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and United Health Group. Past leadership positions include Founder of Tinman Kinetic, LLC and Directorships at KPMG and digital agency Cynergy. He’s commitment to ethical AI, philanthropy and loves restoring classic cars with his kids. No microchips allowed!
Imanne El Maâchi, Lead AI Scientist

Imanne El Maâchi

Lead AI Scientist

Imanne has a biomedical engineering bachelor’s degree and a computer engineering master degree from Polytechnique Montreal. Before joining Imaige, Imanne worked in R&D to develop AI medical algorithms in the medical imaging industry in Canada. Outside of her work, Imanne loves outdoor activities and reading.

Waleska Lopez, Lead UX Designer

Waleska Lopez

Lead UX Designer

Waleska Lopez serves as the Lead UX Designer. Prior to IMAIGE, she led and was a valuable team member on multiple web and mobile platforms serving consumers and enterprise markets. She has a passion for product design, great typography and her canine friends! 

Patrick Rogers

Project Management

Patrick Rogers leads Project Management at IMAIGE, Inc. In the past, he assisted organizations such as Paypal, theCHIVE, Atmosphere Tv, with Agile processes and tools. In 2019, he was recognized by the Austin Agile Alliance as an “Agent of Evolution” for Agile processes. Outside of work, Patrick’s time goes into his passion for hobby game development, martial arts, and his three kids.
Oscar Hernandez, Systems Engineer and Integrations Lead

Oscar Hernandez

Systems Engineer and Integrations Lead

Oscar Hernandez is the Systems Engineer and Integrations Lead at IMAIGE, Inc. His diverse technical background in cloud engineering, automation, and service development – along with a strong customer service ethic – have served him well during his career at companies like BYPRICE. Out of work, Oscar enjoys bouldering in remote areas and mastering a variety of percussion instruments.
Fernando Ramirez, API and Microservices Technical Lead

Fernando Ramirez

API and Microservices Technical Lead

Fernando Ramirez is the API and Microservices Technical Lead at IMAIGE, Inc. Most recently he deployed a service-oriented architecture (SOA) project for Vesta’s fraud and payment platform. He started his career as a freelancer; and in his free time, enjoys swimming and teaching his 10-month-old the finer points at winning a match in Super Smash Brothers (you can never start too early).

Andrew Schmied

Strategic Advisor

Andrew Schmied started as a Strategic Advisor with IMAIGE in 2020. He is a graphics industry veteran, deep tech entrepreneur and CSO at M2 Insights. Andrew brings advanced HMI, 3D, MIMD and AI solutions to Consumer, Enterprise, and Industrial sectors. Andrew’s work with Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, has created new digital experiences, environmental benefits, and analytic capabilities.
Gabriel Hatcher, AI Scientist

Gabriel Hatcher

AI Scientist

Gabriel Hatcher is an AI Scientist at IMAIGE, Inc. Prior to IMAIGE, he worked on applying deep learning and machine learning methods to control system problems for aerospace applications and using black body optimization techniques to accelerate interplanetary mission design. His main passions are using technology to help others and combining knowledge from diverse fields to create new solutions. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with a minor in business. Outside of work, he enjoys photography, art, making things, and picking up new hobbies!

Mike Goergen

VP, Strategic Partnership

Mike Goergen is VP of Strategic Partnerships at IMAIGE, developing relationships to help them grow revenue and build long-term value. Prior to joining IMAIGE, Inc. he spent time in key leadership positions across multiple startups, PE, and VC backed firms designing GTM strategies, creating channel verticals, c-level relationships, and leading sales teams. Mike  lives in a suburb of  Minneapolis, MN where he spends time with his wife and three children.

Troy Debraal, Company Founder & CEO

Troy DeBraal

Company Founder & CEO

Company founder, Troy DeBraal, serves as CEO of IMAIGE. Before being inspired to create the world’s first personalized A.I., Troy was COO at San Diego Legion a founding franchise in Major League Rugby,  led digital transformation for multiple Fortune 100 companies at Cynergy, and was a part of leadership at KPMG. Out of the office Troy enjoys making art, digging for old soul records, and cooking with family.