Web App Demo

You will need:

An iCloud or Google Photos account’s information to login, this includes the email you use for that service and the password. Your Android or Apple device for 2-Factor Authentication.

Up to 5000 photos in the account or on your Desktop. The demo has a 500-photo minimum and 5000 max. You can pre-make an album in either Google or iCloud and select just that during our onboarding to limit the photos used.

You'll login to the app using your credentials above and onboard - this takes 1 to 2 minutes.

If you are a Google Photos user, you must first email me at to be added to the Google Photos Verified tester list.


Web Onboarding for
iCloud Photos users.

Web Onboarding for
Google Photos users.

What to expect after the Photofetcher
analysis is complete.

Photofetcher will analyze your photos and automatically sort them into albums based on your photos. This process may take 2 to 3 hours depending on the number of testers.

Photofetcher Automated AI Albums include Print Worthy Pics, Best Wedding Photos, Best Overall Photos, Best Photos of 2021, Best Animal Photos, Best Group Pics, and Fun Photos.

Desktop App Demo w/ Manual Upload

The desktop version of the Photofetcher demo allows users to login with a Google or iCloud account and then upload photos for analysis from their local machine. The AI indexing, curation and album creation are the same as the web app demo.

Please note, we’re in the process of getting our desktop apps signed with MS and Apple certificates. For the moment, they do require accepting the apps from non-verified publishers
when installed.

Desktop with Manual Upload, download the installers below.


Downloading and Installing Photofetcher
on Windows Systems

Downloading and Installing Photofetcher
on macOS Systems

Photofetcher Desktop App
Onboarding Walkthrough

Photofetcher Desktop App
Functionality Showcase