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Our Story – AI For Good

Our Story
AI For Good

The IMAIGE team is a passionate crew of technologists, A.I. scientists, entrepreneurial executives, researchers, and innovators in customer centric technology solutions.

IMAIGE, Inc. was created to enhance the human experience using AI for our collective good and started with a simple realization; our mobile technology makes it easy to tell our stories by creating huge collections of high-quality visual content, but we have no practical tools for managing all those photos and videos long-term.

Instead, our personal memories slip away in a torrent of new pics and downloads. Our valuable business content gets heaped and buried in clouds. And our environment suffers so that we can store trillions of photos no one can find.

IMAIGE is solving these issues now and for the future; with systems that take over those frustrating curation tasks and do them like you or the most trusted person in your business would.

At IMAIGE, we know our personal media tells our real stories and our business media records the heart of our commercial cultures. IMAIGE is bringing Personalized AI to market to ensure everyone, and every company gets the customized media experience they deserve.

We Put The I In A.I.

The Very Best In A.I.

Meet Our Team

Troy DeBraal

Troy DeBraal

Company Founder & CEO

Company founder, Troy DeBraal, serves as CEO of IMAIGE. Before being inspired to create the world’s first personalized A.I., Troy was COO at San Diego Legion a founding franchise in Major League Rugby. led digital transformation for multiple Fortune 100 companies at Cynergy and as a part of leadership at KPMG. Out of the office Troy enjoys making art, digging for old soul records, and cooking with family.

James Mone
Chief Operating Officer

James Mone

Chief Operating Officer

James Mone serves as Chief Operating Officer. Prior to joining IMAIGE, Inc. in 2020, he was Head of Product at Neuralify, focused on enterprise enablement in the Machine Learning and Automation space. James has held leadership positions at KPMG, Cynergy, and UCLA. James resides in Portland, OR and enjoys spending time in the outdoors with his wife and two daughters.

Justin Williams
Senior VP

Justin Williams

Senior VP of AI

Justin Williams serves as the Senior VP of AI. Previously he led innovative technology solution teams for Fortune 100 companies like Microsoft and United Health Group. Past leadership positions include Founder of Tinman Kinetic, LLC and Directorships at KPMG and digital agency Cynergy. He’s commitment to ethical AI, philanthropy and loves restoring classic cars with his kids. No microchips allowed!

Justin Williams
Senior VP

Imanne El Maâchi

Lead AI Scientist

Imanne has a biomedical engineering bachelor’s degree and a computer engineering master degree from Polytechnique Montreal. Before joining Imaige, Imanne worked in R&D to develop AI medical algorithms in the medical imaging industry in Canada. Outside of her work, Imanne loves outdoor activities and reading.

Silvia Stephenson
Head of Product & Design

Silvia Stephenson

Head of Product & Design

Silvia Stephenson serves as the Head of Product & Design. Prior to IMAIGE, she spent nine years at the Burning Man Project, most notably as Sr. UX and Engineering Manager bringing best practices to the organization’s Technology Team. Silvia’s career spans Silicon Valley big tech – Yahoo! to advertising. When not nerding out, she spends time with her two Boxers and making pizza with her partner.

Patrick Rogers

Project Management

Patrick Rogers leads Project Management at IMAIGE, Inc. In the past, he assisted organizations such as Paypal, theCHIVE, Atmosphere Tv, with Agile processes and tools. In 2019, he was recognized by the Austin Agile Alliance as an “Agent of Evolution” for Agile processes. Outside of work, Patrick’s time goes into his passion for hobby game development, martial arts, and his three kids.

Oscar Hernandez

Systems Engineer and Integrations Lead

Oscar Hernandez is the Systems Engineer and Integrations Lead at IMAIGE, Inc. His diverse technical background in cloud engineering, automation, and service development – along with a strong customer service ethic – have served him well during his career at companies like BYPRICE. Out of work, Oscar enjoys bouldering in remote areas and mastering a variety of percussion instruments.

Fernando Ramirez

API and Microservices Technical Lead

Fernando Ramirez is the API and Microservices Technical Lead at IMAIGE, Inc. Most recently he deployed a service-oriented architecture (SOA) project for Vesta’s fraud and payment platform. He started his career as a freelancer; and in his free time, enjoys swimming and teaching his 10-month-old the finer points at winning a match in Super Smash Brothers (you can never start too early).

Matthew Ho

Associate Product Manager

Matt Ho is an Associate Product Manager at IMAIGE, lnc. Previously he has worked with local
non-profit organizations in improving their service by enhancing visitors’ user experience.
Outside of work, Matt spends his time playing volleyball at different open gyms.


Andrew Schmied

Strategic Advisor

Andrew Schmied started as a Strategic Advisor with IMAIGE in 2020. He is a graphics industry veteran, deep tech entrepreneur and CSO at M2 Insights. Andrew brings advanced HMI, 3D, MIMD and AI solutions to Consumer, Enterprise, and Industrial sectors. Andrew’s work with Samsung, Apple, Microsoft, Intel, has created new digital experiences, environmental benefits, and analytic capabilities.